Established Canadian artist Arcade Latour is known for his vibrant abstract paintings created through the use ofthe age-old medium: Press inks.

Using his fingers and spatulas, he lays on canvas an intriguing universe of wondrous forms and movements, with lots of colors and thick, raised textures. The viewers initially perceive a comprehensive and captivating ensemble, and a closer look at his paintings reveals projections, ridges, and ledges that unveil fascinating details.Arcade Latour was born and raised in Drummondville, Quebec, in 1950. Before fully dedicating his time to his art, he was a serial entrepreneur with a successful career in visual arts, publishing, and graphic design. He is known for having designed the now famous ‘Popemobile’ for the visit of John Paul II to Canada in 1984.

Latour discovered inks and their potential while still a teenager, among the discarded inks of a neighborhood print shop. Fascinated by the intensity of these colors and the density of their thick, malleable textures, he made it his mission to explore and master this medium’s possibilities. He held his first exhibition at only 15 years old and has been painting for over 50 years.

Today, Latour’s artwork is sold around the world at established galleries in Canada, the United States, France, and South Korea, among others.

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