Dalí Art & Fashion: Hazelton Galleries & Yorkville Villages

Hazleton Fine Art Galleries is pleased to announce this rare and specialized exhibit partnered with Yorkville Villages,  which will be one of the most distinguished and extentive Salvador Dalí exhibits to have been presented in North America

The exhibit will feature fine works of Art by Salvador Dalí including bronze sculpture from table top sized to museumand monumental sized , which will all be available for purchase.

From the European Archives we will also be presenting original Dalí fashion apparel designed and created by some of the most recognized fashion designers worldwide.

In addition to the exhibit at YOrkville VIllage’s rotundra, we will be exhibiting rare lithographs and additional scultpures at the gallery, so make sure to stop by the gallery on your way out!

Yorkville Village

136 Yorkville Avenue

Exhibit will Run

september 7th to September 29th