Through his unique and bold mixed media artworks, Steli collages and reinvents the cityscapes that fascinate him. 

Paris, New York, London or Venice are captured during a brief pause in which each detail perfectly fits together to offer us a complex panoramic view. Here we are invited on a timeless journey in which our memories are turned upside-down by a different vision of these cities that we think we know everything about.

Steli invites you to journey and travel with him in the cities we love and unveil the urban poetry emerges that surrounds and embodies us.

Steli Christoff’s Paintings are showcased in private collections in Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, United States, in the private collection of Hugo Voeten, the collection of New Bulgarian University & National Gallery of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. Recognition and awards have been bestowed to Steli by Cité Internationale des Arts, in Paris, France as well as by the Union of Bulgarian Artists

Galleries, Exhibitions,  & International Art Fairs

2019- Art New York, 2019 represented by Hazelton Galleries

2019- Group Show, Hazelton Fine art Galleries

2019 –  Art Palm Springs, California, USA

2019- Affordable Art Fair, New York City, represented by Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica, USA ;

2018 –  Affordable Art Fair, New York City, Hong Kong, London, –

              represented by Axiom Contemporary, Santa Monica, USA ;              

2017 –  Rakursi Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2016 –  ArtCatto Gallery, Loule, Portugal ;

              Viva Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria ;

              Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France

2015 – Catto Gallery, London, Great Britain

2014 – Mensing Gallery, Germany

2013 –  Art Symbol Gallery, Paris, France