Antonio Sannino

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Sannino, born in Naples in 1959, attended the Academy of Fine Arts in his city. After moving to England he started his artistic career and under the guidance of some of the best-known British artists (amongst whom H.E. Marvin), he was noted for his classical style and his well-balanced and striking palette. In this frenetic age where there is a general striving towards originality at any cost, Antonio Sannino, with his classic subjects is distinguished by the splendor that he expresses in his paintings.

This young artist’s noteworthy achievements can be attributed to his personal way of analyzing the countryside in minute detail. Each of his works is carried out with perfection and precision. Sannino manages marvelously to transmit to the observer the undeniable sense of feeling in his paintings. The variety and richness of the shades and tones he uses enhance his work.

Antonio Sannino’s whole life is dedicated to painting. Few other artists have shown works in so many solo and collective exhibitions of such high caliber. Sannino, an extremely talented landscapist, is well known in both Italy and abroad. His works can be found in the most important galleries and private collections.

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