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Patrick Rubenstein

Parisian-based artist, Patrick Rubinstein, is currently one of the most recognized Pop artists Internationally. Through an innovative process, Rubinstein creates each artwork in a three-dimensional format, where three different points of view become possible. Inspired by the 1960’s art movements: Pop Art and Opt Art, he plays with our perceptions of time and space and weaves together histories, pop culture and narratives that speak to us now. Drawing from timeless themes of love, peace, and Rock n’ Roll, Rubinstein develops a kinetic universe where you the viewer can get lost in the realm of the celebrities and icons we adore. Much like a hologram, what appears to be a super imposed image are actually two images that are spliced together catching you by surprise depending what angle you are looking at the artwork.

At this juncture his process and creative style have granted him international recognition and has exhibited solo and group shows in some of the top prominent art galleries world-wide. In 2014, Rubenstein exhibited at the famous auction house Drouot in Paris France. He also received international recognition at Shanghai Art Fair (2014), Art Monaco (2015-2017), Art New York (2018) and recently at the London Art Fair (2019).


Museums  Exhibitions  and  International  Art Fairs   

  • London Art Fair (2019)
  • Art New York (2018)
  • Art Monaco (2014-2017)
  • Toronto-Hazelton Galleries Solo Exhibit (2018)
  • Cannes – Galerie Cannes croisette Honfleur
  • Opera Gallery Monaco
  • Galerie d’Art Elysées Paris
  • Galerie Montmartre Pommard
  • Galerie du Château de Pommard St-Paul-de-Vence
  • Galerie Sainte Claire Saint-Tropez
  • Opera Gallery Dubaï DIFC Hong-Kong
  • Opera Gallery Hong-Kong Miami
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