Anna Razumovskaya


Though she has considered Canada to be her home for two decades, Anna Razumovskaya’s training, technique, and inclination for elegant subjects impart her Russian heritage and schooling.  Following her primary studies, Razumovskaya completed an M.F.A at the Russian State University (Rostov-on-Don) and began a tour of Europe to further her studies and exploration of art.  Inspired by the masters of portraiture particularly that of the Renaissance and Baroque fine era, Razumovskaya focused on the human form and perfecting her fine art technique. Now she almost completely dedicates the canvas to female form, encapsulated by the beauty, elegance, and organic curvature. The high realism of her figures are contrasted with loose contemporary brush strokes in the drapery, activated by movement, boldness, and strength,  in which her female subjects come alive!


Anna Razumovskaya is one of the Canadian figurative artists who has exhibited the most internationally and because of this, is widely collected.  Each year, she does approximately ten solo shows at galleries around the U.K, a country where she has developed a devout following.   She has exhibited at Art New York (2016-2019),  Art Miami Context (2016- upcoming 2019) Art Wynwood (2016), Art Palm Beach (2016), Art Southampton (2015), and Art Toronto (2011-2015).

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