Brian O’neill

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Brian O’Neill’s work has been showcased in galleries across the United States, England, and Japan. O’Neill is a graduate of the Ani Art Academy apprenticeship program, where he trained with renowned realism painter Anthony Waichulis. Brian has found great success in both classic oil realism and well as bold and dynamic abstract painting. O’Neill’s formal training in representational drawing and painting gave him the freedom to create in both worlds—the recognizable and the imagined. His expressive Contemporary Landscapes work explores the natural world around us by abstracting horizon, atmosphere, fire, mineral, water, and rough texture that is juxtaposed with luminous metal leaf. Many collectors of O’Neill’s work are amazed to discover that the same artist has created a highly-refined oil realism painting as well as a contemporary abstract—they are fascinated that he can do both. In O’Neill’s recent body of work, he has begun to merge these two worlds with a collection he calls, the gilded figure; graceful, beautiful, powerful and timeless paintings of the human form within a backdrop of flowing metal leaf work.

O’Neill’s paintings have won numerous international awards and feature articles in many of today’s top art publications, such as: The Artist’s Magazine “An Artist’s Life” Sept. 2014, The Pastel Journal Magazine’s Top 100 Competition by winning 2nd Place in the still life category and was featured in the April 2011 issue, The Artist’s Magazine Annual Competition, Art Renewal Center Salon Competition, and the Art Kudos International. O’Neill’s abstract diptych “Summer Discovery” 1&2 was featured in The Wall Street Journal, April 2017.


Museums Exhibitions and International Art Fairs   

  • London Art Fair (2019)
  • Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY 75th Regional Exhibition
  • Naples Museum of Art, Naples FL
  • Arizona-Sedona Desert Museum Tucson, AZ
  • Hazelton Fine Art Galleires, Toronto, Canada
  • Palm Beach Art Show-Rehs Contemporary Galleries
  • The L.A. Art Show-Rehs Contemporary Galleries
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  • Solitude
    60" x 36" Oil on Canvas (Sold)
  • Turquoise Twilight
    48" x 48" Acrylic on Canvas with Silver and Gold Leaf (Sold)
  • Awakening
    48" X 36" Oil and White Gold with Silver Leaf on Canvas
  • Exhale
    40" X 40" Oil and White Gold with Silver Leaf on Canvas
  • Embrace
    60" X 36" Oil on Canvas with White Gold & Silver Leaf
  • Field of Gold
    60" X 36" Oil on Canvas
  • Stardust
    48" X 36" Oil on Canvas with Silver and White Gold Leaf
  • Emergence
    48" X 36" Oil on Canvas with Silver and White Gold Leaf