Vadim Dolgov

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Vadim Dolgov is an artist who possesses infinite artistic versatility, a trait that cannot be attributed to all. His ability to fluctuate from pop art to impressionism or realism can be accredited to his training at the Art Academy of Orenburg in Russia, the country where we was born in 1962. Dolgov remained in Europe for several decades where he worked and sold his paintings. One of his first major successes was the sale of his paintings at one of Paris’s most esteemed auction houses, the Hôtel Drouot.


A few years later, in 1997, Dolgov was asked to join a group of artists on a tour of India where he would exhibit his work. Following the tour, he returned to Russia and was able to create work that was strong enough to be exhibited at The State Tretyakovskaya Gallery in Moscow, Russia’s world famous museum that features Russian work from the 7th century up until the present day. Dolgov was extremely honoured and proud to be able to exhibit his work at such a prestigious institution and it proved to be only the beginning of a successful career as an artist.


Eventually, Dolgov decided to move to Canada and has made it his permanent home since 1998. Since moving, he has shown at the Toronto International Art Fair (2012-2014), the Canadian Heritage Art Company (2011-2014), and Hazelton Fine Art (2012-2014) in both solo and group shows.


He has also been the recipient of numerous awards and honours.  These accolades include the Oil Painters of America Juried Salon Show Winner (2013), the American Art Collector Magazine Award of Excellence (2013), the Holbein Artist Materials Award of Excellence at 16th National Juried Exhibition of Oil Painters of America (2007), and he was recognized as a finalist in the competition for the International Artist Magazine Challenge (2007).


Dolgov’s diverse achievements attest to his talent and ability to adapt his style through multiple subjects and perspectives. Dolgov may see a café scene as an impressionistic landscape but also to be able to portray Mohammed Ali in pop art form. His aptitude and fluidity between genres and subjects with technical proficiency are aspects that make his work distinct to all other contemporary artists. Rather than projecting his own strict ideas and forcing his subjects to conform to them, he allows each subject to speak to him, working in a style unique to that work. In this way, he creates work that is dynamic and accessible, yet keeps his followers anticipating what he’ll do next.

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