Art New York 2016: Recap

From May 3rd to May 8th, Pier 92/94 in Manhattan played host to Art New York, an international art fair run by Art Miami. Although only in its second year, the fair attracted a myriad of international private and corporate collectors, and even some celebrities like Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

For the fair, the Hazelton Galleries debuted some incredible artwork. For the first time ever in North America, a museum edition sculpture by Salvador Dalí was exhibited. The sculpture, called Triumphant Elephant, received a special exhibition space and visitors marvelled at the 8 ½ foot tall three dimensional creation by Dalí. Also on display were more moderately sized sculptures by Dalí embodying some of his favourite subjects: melted clocks, elephants, and the female form. These sculptures were well received and several were purchased by collectors from the US and South America.

We also welcomed a new artist to our roster, Hamilton Aguiar. Aguiar’s contemporary exploration of the landscape and his use of mixed media has been a draw to collectors for years, and his work continues to resonate with collectors.

Jane Waterous unveiled the newest incarnation of her Crowds at Play series. Instead of placing her colourful and dynamic figures on a white background, she placed them on a black and white background to create her Moonlight Gatherings series. Taking it even a step further, a painting called Eclipse was done in this style and lit with neon tubing, captivating audiences and emanating the most contemporary feel.

Our other primary artists exhibited artwork as well, including Vadim Dolgov, Anna Razumovskaya, and Samir Sammoun. All of their artwork was admired by many and placed in American collections.

Also on display were original paintings by American icons Alexander Calder and Sam Francis.

The Hazelton Galleries’ owner and director Peter Priede was also asked to participate in a symposium at the fair organized by One Art Nation entitled Balance of Power – Who Are Today’s Market Makers and Influencers.  To see Mr. Priede and the other panelists discuss this important and fascinating topic, please consult this link.